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A Path to Peace Counseling, LLC

My areas of expertise are emotional stress, anger, anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, work/career-related, school-related, family-related, and other life changing concerns that impact daily living. I am extremely passionate in seeing you navigate through life challenges and living a fulfilling life uniquely designed just for you. Taking this first step will allow me to assist you in finding a path to peace, while becoming a healthier you.

COVID-19 Statement: I am committed to providing the safest possible ongoing therapy and mental health support, whether through tele-therapy or face to face sessions in our offices. For clients coming into my office, I have developed a comprehensive set of guidelines that include:

  • Monitoring of each individual’s health through self-screening prior to each daily entrance into the suite

  • Closed suites accessible only to scheduled therapists and clients

  • Mask requirements in our suites, per the July 13, 2020 State of Michigan Executive Order

  • Guidelines for frequent hand-washing and hand sanitizing

  • Guidelines for disinfection of office between appointments

  • Continual updates per CDC and State of Michigan guidelines


Your safety is my priority.

The Healthy Living Personal Program

The Healthy Living Program is a traditional office setting. We provide a comfortable and safe healing space for you to work through past and present experiences.


This program helps you find your way to navigate through life’s journey. No matter where you are in your journey, A Path to Peace LLC is here to provide support and assist you through your desired changes. We will work together to establish a partnership, develop positive coping strategies that you can utilize in daily living, and design a clear path towards your goals.  

We want you to know that your mental health is one of your greatest assets. We understand that mental health is a priority in all of our lives and we must continue to take steps to support one of our greatest assets.


Your healing process begins today!

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Online (Virtual) Counseling 

If you are looking for flexibility and convenience, virtual counseling is a good fit for you. Your appointments can be set up anywhere that you deem safe to share your personal concerns, even from the comforts of your own home. Virtual counseling is another way for you to become mentally strong. You don’t have to have a clinical mental health diagnosis to benefit from speaking with a therapist, and our virtual counseling will provide you with a path designed just for you!!

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